Jubilee meeting update

The organising committee is monitoring the development of the pandemic closely. Although we have a strong will and ambition to organise a physical meeting in Uppsala in August we need to meet the recommendations from the health authorities. Based on the current situation we have taken the following decision:

In mid April a final decision will be taken if we will run the meeting or not. If the pandemic situation prohibits a physical meeting we will postpone the meeting and set new dates to be able to run the meeting as a physical meeting, in Uppsala. If this unfortunate situation arises we will notify everyone regarding new dates as soon as possible.

Anniversary meeting in august

This year, the Geological Society of Sweden celebrates 150 years since it was founded, and we wish to celebrate this with an anniversary meeting in Uppsala 17–19 August. Our ambition is to gather as many as possible of the geoscientists that are active in Sweden or that have an interest in various aspects of Swedish geoscience.

Read more about the meeting and download the second circular here.

35th Geological Winter Meeting

In January 2022, Iceland will host the 35th Nordic Geological Winter Meeting in Reykjavík.

The preparation for the meeting is well under way. However, due to the Covid-19 situation, it is not certain what the world will look like in 2022 but the current plan is an on-site meeting that will take place on 5–7 January. Plan B is to have the meeting online. The final decision will be made in May or June 2021.

A first circular will be sent out in February 2021, and further information will also be posted here.

Finally a new web site

As you can see, we have today launched a new website. The technology behind it is new and this makes the work of maintaining and updating the website easier. More people can also write posts on the page, which we hope will lead to a more alive website.

Hopefully, you as a user will also find that the website has become more easy to navigate. If you find something that has gone wrong, or think something is missing, or if you cannot log in, get in touch with us at info@geologiskaforeningen.se.

Annual meeting 2020

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the board of the Geological Society has decided to postpone the annual meeting to a later date during the year. A new date will be announced here and by email to members.

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