Save the date for the Swedish Geological Spring Meeting 2023!

On the 11-12 of May we have a meeting on the theme Arsenic- and sulphidebearing bedrock in the Mälardalen area.

11/5: We will start with the annual meeting of the society and then invited lectures. There will be a panel discussion on the afternoon and a simple dinner arrangement in the evening.

12/5: Excursion to the Arlanda area




2022 Award ceremony

We have the joy to present the 2022 joint award ceremony with Geosektionen. Erik Jonson has been elected Geologist of the Year 2022 and Axel Sjöqvist has been awarded the Jan Bergström Young Scientist Award.

The ceremony will take place at the Department  of Geology i Lund the 4th of November. There will be a packed programme with mingling, talks and dinner, starting at 16.30. A detailed programme and more information can be found at Lunds Geologiska Fältklubb, whre you will also find the registration for the event.

2022 Jan Bergström Award winner

We have the honor to present the 2022 Jan Bergström Young Scientist Award. An unanimous board have elected Axel Sjöqvist for his important contribution to the understanding of the formation of the curious rocks that host the rare earth element mineralisation at Norra Kärr and for his ability to balance safely in the potentially controvicial debate regarding the utilisation of geological resources. Our warmest congratulations Axel!

The Geological Society Hjulström Award

We have the great honor to present this years Jubilee Fund awardee!

The Geological Society 2022 Hjulström Award within the area of sedimentology is awarded to Mark Johnson, docent and university lecturer at the Department of Earth Science, Gothenburg University.
Mark Johnson has worked extensively on sedimentology, geomorphology and on the formation of glacial deposits and history, as well as present-day glacial processes and varved sediments.

His sedimentological work is therefore fully in line with the original ideas and the spirit of Filip Hjulström on the uptake, transportation and deposition of sediments.

Mark is internationally renowned and a positive driving force within the Swedish geological community, not the least as a former President of the Geological Society.

The award ceremony will take place during the 150 years anniversary meeting in Uppsala 17-19 of August 2022.

150 years jubilee meeting!

We are happy and proud to invite all to our 150 years jubilee meeting to be held in Uppsala 17-19 of August 2022, to commemorate the first 150 years of the society!

We have also decided to arrange a field trip in connection to the meeting. The destination will be Bergslagen and the date the 20th of August, further details will follow.

More information and the third circular can be found here.

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