About us

The Geological Society is a nationwide non-profit association with the aim of promoting geology and geosciences in various ways. The society was founded in 1871, then under the name Geologiska Föreningen i Stockholm.

Today, the association has about 400 members. These are both professional geoscientists and people with a general interest in geosciences. The members have the opportunity to attend the association’s meetings and excursions on different themes, and get access to our journals Geologiskt forum (in Swedish) and GFF, each of which comes out with four issues per year. The association also awards prizes.

A viable and active geological association is important for Sweden. We are a relatively small country in Europe but have large geological resources, both in the form of natural resources and as knowledge resources with geoscientists active in industry, authorities, schools and universities. Let’s show this.

The statutes of the society can be found here (in Swedish).

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