Nordic Geological Wintermeeting 2024

The 36:th Nordic Geological Wintermeeting was held in the beginning of January in Gothenburg.

Over 530 Nordic geoscientists meet for three days to share science and socialize.

We warmly thank participants, presenters, exhibitioners, sponsors, Gothia Towers and Meetx for all contributing to making this a fantastic meeting!

The next Nordic Geological Wintermeeting will be hels in January 2026 in Åbo/ Turku in Finland.

Nordic Geoscientist Award 2024

The Nordic Geoscientist Award 2024

was awarded during the Nordic Geological Wintermeeting in Gothenburg.

Jan Mangerud, Prof emeritus, University of Bergen, recieved the award for his long and prolific contribution within the field of Quaternary geology and his appreciated popularisation of the field.

Congratulations Jan!

The Erdmann Award

Ulf Bertil Andersson is awarded the Erdmann Award within the areas of Mineralogy or Petrologi.

Ulf Bertil was born in 1960 in Årjäng, Värmland. He earned his doctoral degree at Uppsala University with the thesis Petrogenesis of some Proterozoic granitoid suites and associated basic rocks in Sweden (geochemistry and isotope geology). He has been affiliated researcher with Geoforschungzentrum Potzdam, the Natural History Museum in Stockholm and Uppsala University. He has later used his extensive knowledge in more applied geological context, first with Vattenfall and since 2012 with LKAB.

Ulf Bertil is a prolific and highly valued contributor in social media groups dedicated to geological questions.

The award ceremony will take place in Luleå on the 9th och November.

Please follow this link to register for the event:

Congratulations Ulf Bertil!

Annual and Spring Meeting

On the 11th to 12th of May we held the annual meeting and the Swedish Geological Spring Meeting in Stockholm. The new board for 2024 was elected at the annual meeting and afterwards followed a day packed with interesting talks on the theme Arsenic and sulphide bearing rock in the Mälardalen area. This part of the day was concluded with an intense panel debate and followed by an informal dinner. About 60 people attended the Spring meeting. The next an excursion was held in the Arlanda area and led by Jenny Andersson, Mattias Göransson, Per Nysten (SGU) and Iwona Klonowska (Uppsala Universitet). So great to see so many members and collegues!

Nordic Geological Wintermeeting 2024

On January 10–12 next year (2024) we have the joy and honor to host the 36th Nordic Geological Wintermeeting at Svenska Mässan in Gothenburg!

Already now you may suggest Special sessions for the meeting or you may contact us if you would need an extra meeting room during the conference.

Contact Thomas Zack for Special session and Emma Rehnström for other questions.


Stefan Andersson to GFF

We would like to welcome Stefan Andersson as new associate editor for GFF.

He is taking over from Magnus Ripa who has fulfilled this task for many years. Thank you Magnus!

Stafan was awarded the Jan Bergström Young Scientist Award in 2016 and we are so happy that Stefan chooses to engage in the work of the society through GFF!

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