Elisabeth Einarsson awarded Geologist of the Year 2018

Elisabeth makes geology available and exciting for children and the general public. For this work, she has been awarded the Geologist of the Year 2018 by the Swedish Association of Professional Scientists (Geology).

The motivation for the award reads as follows: ”Elisabeth has for many years driven work on Geology on the school schedule. She promotes geology to politicians and also acts as a teacher herself if a school asks for geological knowledge. Elisabeth has developed teaching materials that are available for everyone at the website of the society Geologins Day. In her thesis in palaeontology, Elisabeth shows her pedagogical nature. Her dissertation is unusually accessible to third parties with eg. well thought out illustrations that are appealing even to the uninitiated reader. Elisabeth is a worthy Geologist of the Year who works hard and goal-oriented to get the broad masses, not least children, to take an interest in geology. ”

The awards ceremony will take place at the Geological Survey of Sweden in Uppsala on November 8 from 15.00. In connection with this, the Geological Society’s Wickman Prize is also awarded in the fields of geochemistry and isotope geology and the Jan Bergström Award to Young Researchers. The award ceremony also offers lectures, a mingle and subsequent dinner. Read more about the awards ceremony and how you register here.

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