Abstract submission

The jubilee meeting has been postponed one year du to the pandemic situation. The abstract submission is therefore closed until further notice.

Extended abstracts for the meeting will be printed in a conference volume. Please download and use the template provided here. It is important that you follow the guidelines provided in the template in order to facilitate a smooth compilation of the conference volume.

The extended abstract should be submitted via e-mail to abstract@geologiskaforeningen.se. In the e-mail please state to which session the abstract is intended, and if you prefer oral or poster presentation. Space is limited and the session chairpersons will decide on the oral and poster programmes.

After receiving the abstract, each session chairs will review the abstract and either:
1) approve the abstract in its current state,
2) suggest modifications,
3) decline.

The session chairs may contact you at any stage after submission. If the session chairs suggest modifications, it is important that you respond to this request as soon as possible. The session chairs may also suggest that the contribution should be moved to another session in which case you will be notified and asked to accept or decline.

Updated information will be published continuously so please check back frequently!

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