Scientific programme

We have developed a very broad range of session topics that represents the entire range of the geosciences (see below).

The 31st NGWM is now a thing of the past, and the organizing committee could not be more satisfied. We had 405 registered participants from 26 countries. We thank you all for your participation! The program and abstract volume to the 31st NGWM is still available and can be found here. The MINI PROGRAM (available here) that lists the sequence of oral and poster presentations is also available.

Here are the session names for The 31th Nordic Geological Winter Meeting 2014:

Hydrogeology/environmental geology

  • Open session: Hydrogeology/environmental geology
  • Different types of springs in the Nordic countries and their use during history, Conveners: Torgny von Wachenfeldt, Per Wedel, Gert Knutsson
  • Conflicts between groundwater supply and aggregate extraction or underground constructions, Conveners: Bo Olofsson, Gert Knutsson
  • Hydrogeological aspects on storing nuclear waste in different type of rocks, Convener: Gert Knutsson
  • Implementation of the Water framework directive in the North, from the scientific and practitioners perspective, Convener: Jenny McCarthy
  • Geohazards in the Nordic and Arctic. Conveners: Þorsteinn Sæmundsson and Reginald Hermanns. Read more.

Engineering Geology

  • Open session: Engineering geology
  • Data collection and Rock Mass Characterization. Read more.
  • Tunneling and underground space technology. Read more.
  • Discussion Session - Improving communication between geologists and engineers. Read more.
  • Engineering and environmental geophysics. Read more.
  • Geological construction materials. Read more.

Economic and Petroleum Geology

  • Open session: economic geology
  • Open session: Petroleum geology
  • Fennoscandian Metallogeny
  • Mineral deposits and exploration in Greenland
  • Ore-forming processes
  • Natural stone in the present and past. Convener: Kari Aslaksen Aasly. Read more.

Lundadagarna i Historisk geologi och paleontologi Read more.

  • Open session: Sedimentology/ Stratigraphy
  • Open session: Paleontology
  • Weathering horizons - their formation, later reworking and final deposition, Conveners: Henning Dypvik and Lars Riber


  • Open session: Petrology (Igneous, metamorphic, sedimentary)
  • Modeling of P-T-fluid conditions in metamorphic studies, Conveners: Alasdair Skelton and Charlotte Möller
  • 100 years of modern metamorphic petrology – celebrating the centennial of Eskola’s Orijärvi Bulletin
  • Chronology and Rates of Metamorphism and Deformation. Conveners: Bernard Bingen, Matthijs Smit. Read more.
  • The geology of North Atlantic and high-arctic large igneous provinces. Conveners: Christian Tegner, Romain Meyer, Sverre Planke. Read more.


  • Open session: Geochemistry, mineralogy, geochronology
  • Progress of laser ablation ICP-MS in Earth Sciences. Conveners: Thomas Zack and Ellen Kooijman. Read more.
  • The zircon messenger – nature and experiment

Structural geology/tectonics

  • Open session: Structural geology and tectonics
  • Trans-Baltic Precambrian Correlations: Regional and Global Tectonic Reconstructions, Conveners: Svetlana Bogdanova, Grazina Skridlaite and Alvar Soesoo. Read more
  • Orogens and orogen dynamics. Convener:Arild Andresen Read more
  • Evolution of the continental crust – making to breaking. Conveners: Anders Scherstén, Ulf Söderlund & Andreas Petersson. Read more.
  • (Scientific) drilling in the Nordic countries: exploring the subsurface. Conveners: Henning Lorenz and Ian Snowball. Read more

Geomorphology and glacial Geology

  • Open session: Geomorphology and glacial Geology
  • Scandinavian bedrock landscapes: tectonic and glacial implications, Conveners: Karna Lidmar Bergström and Mats Olvmo Read more.
  • Using LiDAR in geomorphology, Conveners: Clas Hättestrand and Mark Johnson Read more.
  • Dynamics of modern glaciers – glaciological and glacial geological processes, Conveners: Anders Schomacker, Ívar Örn Benediktsson and Jeremy D. Everest. Read more.
  • Glacial History of Scandinavia, Convener: Martin Jakobsson and Atle Nesje
    Read more.

Quaternary Geology

  • Open session: Quaternary geology
  • Land-sea interactions in a long time perspective, Conveners: Helena. Filipsson, Anne Birgitte Nielsen & Anneli Poska. Read more.
  • Chronology and development of landforms and deposits formed by chemical weathering , Convener: Stein-Erik Lauritzen
  • Recent developments in Quaternary dating methods, Conveners: Frank Preusser & Stefan Wastegårds

Geobiology and astrobiology

  • Geobiology. Conveners: Sara Holmström and Nils Holm.
    Read more.
  • Astrobiology. Conveners: Vivi Vajda and Nils Holm. Read more.

Geophysics and volcanoes

  • Open session: geophysics
  • Open session: volcanoes
  • Impact structures, Conveners: Carl Alwmark, Sanna Holm and Jens Ormö
  • Volcanic plumbing systems
  • Tephra studies – Tephrochronology. Conveners: Esther Ruth Guðmundsdóttir, Bergrún Arna Óladóttir. Read more.

Outreach and education

  • Reaching out with geology – WOW to the many
  • Geology in school, Convener: Elisabeth Einarsson
  • Geoheritage – conservation and tourism, Convener: Linda Wickström

History of Geology and Geoscience

  • General contributions to the History of Geology and Geoscience
  • What do we learn from studying the history of geology?
  • Nordic profiles in the history of geosciences
  • The 19th century history of geology in the Nordic countries
  • "Sea floor spreading": The beginning of the plate tectonics revolution – 50 years later


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