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GFF is the journal of the Geological Society of Sweden and is published by Taylor & Francis Journals. It is an international scientific journal that quarterly publishes papers in English, covering the whole field of geology, including mineralogy, petrology, tectonics, geomorphology, stratigraphy, sedimentology, palaeontology and Quaternary geology.

The journal has a distinguished editorial board with extensive academic qualifications, ensuring that the journal maintains high scientific standards. All papers to be published are subject to an international peer-review process. Submissions of manuscripts are handled in the Taylor & Francis Journal online manuscript central. The journal has no page charges.

GFF publish original research Articles, Notes and Letters, of which the two latter forms are subject to express publication. Review articles are welcome, and may be solicited occasionally. Thematic issues covering important developments are also possible.

Manuscripts should be submitted online through the Manuscript Central at Taylor & Francis Journals. Here you find full information about the submission procedure, editorial board members, abstracting/indexing, and author information.

Terms of subscription

  • You must be a member of Geologiska Föreningen for the entire period you want to subscribe to GFF.
  • The subscription is valid one year from date of payment.
  • Subscribing to GFF Online costs 250 SEK/year. GFF Online gives you access to all issues of GFF as PDF documents. GFF Online is accessed through the link to GFF Online on Geologiska Föreningens website.
  • Subscribing to the printed version of GFF costs 400 SEK/year. With this type of subscription you will receive all the printed issues of GFF which are printed during the subscription time. GFF Online is also included during the subscription time.
  • You will receive an e-mail reminder when the subsription is about to expire. A second reminder is sent when the subscription expires.
  • The subsription will be canceled until payment is received for a new subscription period.
  • The subscription will be resumed immediately upon online payment at the Geologiska föreningenen website. With payment through bank transfer, the subscription is not resumed until the payment has been received by Geologiska föreningen.
  • The ending date of the subscription will be extended one year if a new subscription fee is paid before the previous payment has expired.

Contact the Editorial Board if you have questions about content, subscriptions or complaints:

Editor in Chief: Dr.Christian Skovsted , christian.skovsted@nrm.se

Associate Editor (Quaternary geology): Dr. Mark Johnson, University of Gothenburgh, mark@gvc.gu.se

Associate Editor (Crystalline geology): Dr. Magnus Ripa, Geological Survey of Sweden, Uppsala, magnus.ripa@sgu.se

Editorial address:

GFF Editorial Office
Christian Skovsted 
Avdelningen för Paleobiologi 
Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet 
Box 50007 
104 05 Stockholm 
tel. 08 51955133
e-post: christian.skovsted@nrm.se

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