About Geologiskt forum

Geologiskt forum is our society’s popular-science magazine on geology and earth science. We are able to publish it because of significant support from the Geological Survey of Sweden and with cooperation from the organization, Geologins Dag, an organization that plans a ‘geology day’ every year in Sweden with numerous activities throughout the country. The first issue of Geologiskt forum was published in 1994.

The magazine is in Swedish and is published four times a year—March, June, September, and December. We print 1700 copies of each issue. ISSN 1 104-4721.

Publisher: Mark Johnson
Editor: Jeanette Bergman Weihed
Layout: Jeanette Bergman Weihed

Address to Geologiskt forum:
c/o Tellurit AB
Varvsgatan 41
972 32 Luleå

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