Subscription of Geologiskt Forum

Geologiskt Forum is included in the membership in Geologiska Föreningen. The paper is published 4 times per year; in March, June, September and December. As member you will also have access to previous issues of Geologiskt forum as PDF-files through our digital archive "Geologiskt Forum Online". 

There is also a possibility for a stand-alone subscription to the printed issues of "Geologiskt Forum" without the requirement to be a member in Geologiska Föreningen. The subscription fee is then 250 SEK/ year. However, access to the digital archive of "Geologiskt forum" is not included in the stand-alone subscription.

How do I register and pay for the subscription?
You decide how to pay when you order your subscription on your "My Details"-page. If you dont have an account at Geologiska Föreningen you may register one in our self registration form.

You may pay online with your credit card or through the society's plusgiro account 2108-9, Geologisk föreningen, or our bank giro 749-6359. Please state 'Subscription of Geologiskt Forum' and include your name, mail address, and e-mail address.

From abroad, please pay via Eurogiro or SWIFT to our account number 2108-9.

Geologiska Föreningen
c/o Jan Ove Ebbestad
Norbyvägen 16
SE 752 36 Uppsala

Bank Adress
Nordea Bank Sweden AB
SE-105 71 Stockholm

IBAN: SE6195000099603400021089

Terms for stand-alone subscription of Geologiskt Forum

  • The subscription fee is valid one year from the date of payment or from the date when an ongoing subscription expires. As a subscriber you will receive the issues printed during that year
  • When the subscription is about to expire you will receive an e-mail reminder. A second reminder is sent by e-mail when the subscription has expired.
  • The subscription will be renewed immediatelly upon online payment through the Geologiska Föreningen website. If the subscription fee is paid through bank transfer, the subscription will start on the day when the payment is received by Geologiska Föreningen.
  • The ending date of the subscription will be extended one year if a new subscription fee is paid before the previous payment has expired.
  • As stand-alone subscriber you DON'T have access to the digital archive of older issues of Geologiskt Forum (Geologiskt Forum Online). Access to Geologiskt Forum Online requires membership in Geologiska Föreningen.

For further information or questions, please contact

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