About Geologiska föreningen (GF)

Geologiska föreningen is a Swedish non-profit, voluntary society whose purpose is to call attention to and help support geology and the earth sciences.

The society has a long and proud history. It was started 136 years ago (1871) and was called "Geologiska Föreningen i Stockholm" (the Geological Society of Stockholm).

Today, we have about 600 members that include professionals as well as amateurs with a general interest in earth science.

The society is responsible for two publications, the scholarly journal GFF, and the Swedish-language, popular geology magazine called Geologiskt forum.

Additionally, the society supports and arranges conferences on different geologic themes, and we have honorary prizes that are awarded to members and non-members for their service and contributions to the profession.

Statues of the society (in Swedish) (pdf, 79 kB)

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