NEWS: Tsunami generated after earthquake (09.09.29)

An eartquake with an magnitude of 8.3 struck in the Samoan Islands region today reports the U.S. Geological Survey. According to preliminary data has the tremblor generated a nearly 10-foot tsunami. Read more at CNN webpage.


NEWS: A new Nordic Geoscientist Award (09.09.29)

Take the chance and nominate a Nordic geologist to a new award.

The Nordic Geoscientist Award will be presented every second year in connection with the Nordic Winter Meeting. In 2010 the meeting is held in Oslo, the11th-13th of January. The Award will be presented to a Nordic geoscientist who has, in the course of his/her career, been strongly involved in the society around us, as well as in specific fields in the geosciences.

All members of the Nordic geological societies can propose candidates: proposals should be ca. 500 words. An invitation to propose candidates will be issued in the societies' journals, via web pages and by e-mail.

A jury, consisting of the leaders of each of the Nordic geological societies and the directors of each of the Nordic geological surveys, will consider the proposals and prepare a written statement on its decision on the Award.

The prize will consist of a framed diploma and an engraved plate of larvikite. The winner will be invited to hold a plenary lecture at the Winter Meeting in connection with presentation of the Award.


EU-conference in Luleå on Sustainable Mineral Resources (09.09.20)

It is still possible to register for this important event on mineral resources during the Swedish EU presidency. Please follow instructions below and register asap.

It is a pleasure to formally invite you to a conference on Sustainable Mineral Resources within EU: European higher education and research on metallic and mineral raw materials to be held in in Luleå, Sweden 12-14 October 2009. This conference is an official Swedish EU presidency conference and the only one fully devoted to raw materials research and education. The conference is a response to the Raw Materials Initiative and aims at presenting a declaration on how future initiatives related to R&D and education in response to the RMI can be implemented within EU.
The conference is organised by Luleå University of Technology in collaboration with the County Administrative Board of Norbotten and the Swedish Mining Research Foundation (MITU). The conference is sponsored by the leading European mining companies Boliden, KGHM and LKAB. Other sponsors are Euromines, the European Technology Platform on Sustainable Mineral Resources (ETP-SMR), the Swedish Mining association (SveMin) and the FP7 funded project Promine.
The programme includes site visits to LKAB´s Experimental Blast Furnace and Bolidens Aitik mine. Speakers from pertinent organizations will provide a timely framework for the topic of the conference, more info is provided in the enclosed pdf-file.
Please make sure that you register for this important event on no later than September 25.

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